MaxForce Built for Residential Waterproofing

Coatings Sprayers / Heated Systems

The MaxForce and Commander Series coatings sprayers / heated spray systems are heated systems designed specifically for the residential waterproofing market. These heated spray systems are perfect for the residential waterproofing contractor or poured wall contractor.
MaxForce OG in Trailer
MaxForce Coatings Logo Waterproofing Roofing Air Barrier

MaxForce 4030

Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer

Designed for material requiring heat that are stored in Poly totes or heated tanks where you can gravity feed the material out of the container and into the pump.
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MaxForce Commander
Commander logo


Designed for Pickup Truck Installation

Designed specifically for the residential waterproofer or concrete contractor looking to waterproof their own foundations. It is a turn-key heated spray system that easily sprays all asphalt based elastomerics.
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MaxForce Commander Flatbed
Commander flatbed logo

Commander Flatbed

Designed for Flatbed Truck Installation

Uses Graco’s GH 230 pump and 24″ Tube-in-shell heat exchanger which uses coolant from truck’s engine. Available with 113 or 230 gallon tank along with single or dual hose reel.
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MaxForce AC and ACH - Built for Commercial Waterproofing, Roofing & Air Barrier Applications

MaxForce AC Series Coatings Sprayer Waterproofing Roofing Equipment
MaxForce AC Series Coatings Logo Waterproofing Roofing Air Barrier

MaxForce AC

Air Compressor for Operating 55-Gallon Drum Feed Pump

Designed for non-heated material stored in drums where you need a extra pump to aid in proper loading of the material because it is to thick to properly load from just the standard pump. read more


Who’s it for: The commercial air/vapor barrier and commercial roofing markets
MaxForce ACH Coatings Sprayer for Air Barrier Roofing and Waterproofing Applications
MaxForce ACH Logo Roofing Waterproofing Air Barrier

MaxForce ACH

Heat the material utilizing the coolant from the engine. 

Similar to the AC sytem, but designed for material requiring heat that is stored in drums. read more


Who’s it for: The residential waterproofing and commercial air/vapor barrier contractor and roofing contractor where heating the product is required

Heated Systems for the Residential Waterproofing Market

Learn more about how MaxForce coatings sprayers can help you out with your commercial waterproofing, roofing and air barrier needs!