Portable Cart Mounted Reactor Package Ideal for Mobile Jobs

30” x 60” Cart to Easily Maneuver in Hallways and Door Jams

Ideal for commercial work or remote areas. Small maneuverable cart with poly 8-inch wheels that can easily navigate through hallways and jobsites. Single air hookup and electrical connection make it easy to start up. Four-way fork pockets and optional D-hooks make it easy to transport.

E20 MaxForce Mobile Cart
MaxForce E20 Mobile Cart

Standard Features/Equipment:

  • Two storage compartments
  • 3-Stage Dessicant Air Dryer
  • Integrated breathable hose wrap
  • Integrated air regulators
  • Integrated four-way fork pockets

Optional Equipment:

  • Choose from E-20, E-30, E-XP1 and E-XP2
  • 60 to 310 ft of heated hose
  • Material supply pumps
  • Manifold and heated hose circulation kits
  • Breatheable air systems
MaxForce Mobile Cart


MaxForce Mobile Carts are ideal for commercial work or remote areas

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