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MaxForce offers a full lineup of Fireproofing Equipment and accessories to ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer Free Technical Assistance to keep you up and running if you run into any problems. Same Day Shipping on orders placed before 2pm CST!

MAXFORCE Quickfill Fireproofing


Increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve water/mix ratio accuracy with the MaxForce quick fill system. Easily adjust water dosage at the integrated digital display panel to get optimal yield per bag.
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MAXFORCE Alum Pump Fireproofing

Alum Pump Carts

Injecting alum into cementitious fireproofing materials increases yields / enhances set characteristics. This cart-mounted injection system is designed from the ground up to be easy to operate and maintain.
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MAXFORCE Water Booster Fireproofing

Water Booster

Transfer water long distances when water supply is remote from work site. Also commonly used to provide consistent water flow to Continuous Mixer and spray applications of Isolatek Blaze Shield®.
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MAXFORCE Material Hose

MaxForce Material Hose

MaxForce hose is designed specifically for stucco, plaster, EIFS, fireproofing, grout and concrete materials. Internally expanded fittings ensure a smooth transition between hose wall and fitting, which prevents buildup. Premium grade hose remains flexible while outer shell has great abrasion resistance.

Pumping Solutions for the Fireproofing Market

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