MAXFORCE Quickfill Fireproofing

Quick Fill Fireproofing Cart

Increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve water/mix ratio accuracy with MaxForce’s Quick Fill system. Easily adjust water dosage at the integrated digital display panel to get optimal yield per bag.


Typical Applications

  • Fireproofing
  • Stucco/Plaster
  • Mortar
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Grout
  • Floor Underlayment


1) Remote Control Pendant

Start, stop, jog and reset quick fill system from mixer station. Detachable cord for easy windup and storage

2) Integrated Dispense Timer

Easily adjust timed water flow

3) Single Surface Mount Power Input

Single power input reduces clutter of multiple power cords and provides single connection point that is high and dry off the floor

4) Inlet Water T-filter

Prevents contaminants and debris from entering system

QuickFill from MaxForce Call Outs
MaxForce Quickfill Call Outs

More Features

1) Overfill Protection

Secondary safety sensor prevents tank from overfilling

2) Magnetic Reed Float Switches

Quick fill system utilizes three durable and protected float switches

3) Easy Drain

Quickly and easily drain for winter transport

4) Low Water Shutdown Feature

Prevents damage to pump by shutting down before running dry

5) External Frame Mounted Pump

Improve worker safety by keeping pump and electrical cords out of water tank

6) Robust Steel Frame

Portable four wheel frame moves easily on rugged job sites

QuickFill detail 2
QuickFill detail 3
QuickFill detail 1

Ordering Information

Part No      Description
T10400-00 Complete Quick Fill System w/ 20′ Fill Hose and Mixer Attachment
V10352-00 Replacement Pendant Assy
H10702-20 1.5″ x 20′ Replacement Hose
H10702-21 1.5″ x 20′ Hose w/ Aluminum Female Camlocks
S10405-00 Inline Water Meter Kit (gallons used/gallons per minute)
S10415-00 Quick Fill Dispense Port, U-Shaped
S10416-00 Quick Fill Dispense Bar
T10401-00 Quick Fill Replacement Timer


4-Wheel Mobile Cart
3/4 HP Centrifugal Pump
115 V, 14.8 A, 40 GPM @ 20 PSI
Tank Capacity: 55 gallons
No hose included


Height: 48″
Length: 36″
Width: 30″
Weight: 250 lbs dry

Built for the Way You Work

For more info on MaxForce fireproofing carts & equipment, purchasing options or to become a MaxForce dealer, call us at 1-888-4MAXFORCE (1-888-462-9367) 8am-5pm CST or email us using the link below!