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Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer
Waterproofing • Air Barrier • Roofing

Tube-in-shell heat exchangers have been the ideal choice for the waterproofing industry as they are unrestrictive and have high temperature increase capabilities. Their operation requires hot antifreeze that has traditionally been provided by the contractor’s vehicle engine. This requires a permanent and time consuming installation of equipment into a BoxTruck or Cube Van. It also requires a vehicles engine to idle while spraying and limits access to hard to reach areas. The MaxForce brings the flexibility of a self-contained heated system that uses its own antifreeze from its liquid cooled engine.
MaxForce 4030 OG Sprayer for Roof and Waterproofing Coatings Air Barrier
MaxForce Coatings Logo Waterproofing Roofing Air Barrier

The Original MaxForce – Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer

Designed for material requiring heat that are stored in Poly totes or heated tanks where you can gravity feed the material out of the container and into the pump.
Who’s it for: The residential waterproofing contractor

MaxForce Sprayer Highlights

  • No Installation required
  • Easily move around job sites
  • No truck idle while spraying
  • Transport to job site in truck or trailer
  • Different pressure and flow rates available
  • Enclosure paneling protects equipment
  • Easy operation with intuitive control panel
  • Calcium Chloride (CoSpray) kit optional
MaxForce OG 4030
MaxForce Control Panel

The Control Panel

Everything is right at your fingertips – control and monitor your spray pressure and heat temperature. Turn your hydraulic pumps and calcium pump on and off. Operate your electric hose reels. Start, control and monitor your 24 HP engine.

Everything you use is right on the control panel, making this sprayer the easiest to use on the market.

MaxForce OG Skid
MaxForce OG Skeleton

Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer! The MaxForce Elite is the industry’s FIRST self-contained heated system that both warms the material in a tank and brings the coating to spray temperatures up to 140ºF. This versatile system can be easily fork lifted in-and-out of a truck, around a job site, or quickly installed into a trailer.

Available “OG” Models

SB515107 MaxForce 4030 Spray System w/ Heat Exchanger
T51510-10 MaxForce 4030 Elite System Mounted, Heated Tote and Skid



MaxForce - Built for the Way You Work

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