MAXFORCE Alum Pump Fireproofing

Alum Pump Fireproofing Cart

Injecting alum into cementitious fireproofing materials increases yields and/or enhances set characteristics. MaxForce’s innovative cart-mounted injection systems are designed from the ground up to be easy to operate and maintain.


Typical Applications

  • Fireproofing


1) Electric Mixer

Custom mixing blade designed specifically to quickly dissolve aluminum sulfate (hydrated) granules

2) Single Surface Mount Power Input

Single power input reduces clutter of multiple power cords and provides single connection point that is high and dry off the floor

3) Rugged Four-Wheel Cart

Custom engineered cart is compact and designed for easy operation and maintenance.

– Securely mounted tank will not tip during transportation
– Intuitive control panel is easier to use and prevents operator error
– Premium swivel casters with brakes and rigid casters (molded rubber)
– Heavy-duty steel construction with durable powder coat finish

4) Cone Bottom Tank

Provides fallout area for aluminum sulfate sediment and allows for quick and easy draining/cleaning. 55-gallon capacity with easy-to-read gallon calibrations

5) Neptune Metering Pump

High performance and proven industry standard pump

MaxForce Alum Pump Call Outs

Alum Injection Pump Ordering Information

MaxForce Alum Pump Single

Single Pump / Single Tank Cart

Supplies single injection nozzle with 55-gallon tank. Must stop spraying to refill and mix.

Part Number: T12651-00

MaxForce Alum Pump Single Twin

Single Pump / Twin Tank Cart

Supplies single injection nozzle with two 55-gallon tanks. Allows for continuous spraying from one tank while refilling and mixing in other.

Part Number: T12652-00

MaxForce Twin Tank Alum Cart Double

Dual Pump / Twin Tank Cart

Double production by supplying two sprayers while still allowing for continuous application. Can also be used in single sprayer operation.

Part Number: T12653-00

MAXFORCE Small Job Alum Injection Pump

Small Job, BARE

Small, lightweight and portable design is excellent for small job and patching applications. Supplies single injection nozzle with 20-gallon tank.

Part Number: T12650-00

MaxForce Alum Pump Cart detail 1
MaxForce Alum Pump Cart detail 2
MaxForce Alum Pump Cart detail 1

Built for the Way You Work

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