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MaxForce GH7225AC Package

The GH7225AC is designed for nonheated material stored in drums where you need a extra pump to aid in proper loading of the material because it is to thick to properly load from just the standard pump.
Who’s it for: The commercial air/vapor barrier and commercial roofing markets

MaxForce Sprayer Highlights

  • No Installation required
  • Easily move around job sites
  • No truck idle while spraying
  • Transport to job site in truck or trailer
  • Different pressure and flow rates available
  • Enclosure paneling protects equipment
  • Easy operation with intuitive control panel
  • Calcium Chloride (CoSpray) kit optional
MaxForce AC Lineup
MaxForce AC Series Application

MaxForce AC Series Integrates Air Compressor for Operating 55-Gallon Drum Feed Pump

Designed with the commercial contractor in mind spraying roof coatings from 55-gallon drums. The AC Series use large gas or electric driven hydraulic pumps that also operate an air compressor for the feed pump. These new compact packages are easy to move around a job site. Built in fly hooks, fork pockets and no flat tires give contractors many options in the field. Built in tie down brackets make it easy to secure during operation or installing into a truck or trailer.

MaxForce 7225AC Coatings Sprayer
MaxForce 7225AC Photo
MaxForce 7225AC Coatings Sprayer 2 Detail

MaxForce GH7225AC Package:

Based on the popular MaxForce GH4030AC, this sprayer is designed with the commercial roofing contractor in mind. If you are spraying silicone from 55-gallon drums, this unit is THE turn-key, integrated solution for you. Like the other sprayers in the AC series, the GH7225AC uses a large gas driven Graco hydraulic pump that also operates the on-board air compressor for the 5:1 Monark feed pump. With built-in fly hooks, fork pockets and no flat tires, this portable unit easily goes where you need it to be. 

  • GH7225 AC: 7,250 psi, 2.5 gpm 
  • Integrated 13.1 CFM Air Compressor for use with Monark 5:1 Feed Pump 
  • Dimensions: 31″ w x 51″ long x 56″ tall 
  • 18 HP Twin Cylinder Air-Cooled motor 

Ordering Information

GH7225AC, Monark 5:1 Stick Pump, 260′ Hose (200 x 3/4, 50 x 1/2, 10 x 3/8), Graco Silver Plus HP gun, HD Swivel, 18″ High Pressure Gun Extension, 180° Swivel, XHD Tip and Guard

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