Mobile Spray Rigs Designed for the Professional Contractor

Mobile Spray Rigs Designed For the Professional Contractor

Welcome to the ultimate in mobile spray packages. The MaxForce 28 ft Gooseneck Trailer is the ultimate in mobile spray packages. Providing more room and has larger axles to carry more material. Greater maneuverability at the job site and easier towing down the road. Available in 28 ft and 32 ft options.

MaxForce Gooseneck 28ft Trailer for Spray Foam and Coatings Applications

Standard Features/Equipment:

  • Urethane foam insulation sprayed in walls, ceiling and floor
  • White board walls and ceiling, with white aluminum trim accent for a professional fit and finish
  • Work bench with vise, blow gun, grinder, overhead aluminum cabinet with light and 6 drawer tool box
  • Solvent and abrasive resistant floor
  • Rubber floor in utility room
  • Shore power hook-up (110 volt)
  • Barrel brace system designed for three sets of material
  • Hose rack set-up for 410’ heated hose
  • Spare parts kit for selected spray gun
  • Two fire extinguishers, eye wash station and first aid kit
  • 8.5 ft. interior width and 7.5 ft. interior height
  • Tandem 8,000 lb. axles (16,000 GVWR)
  • Electric Brakes
  • Bogey wheels in rear of trailer to prevent damage
  • 48 in. curb side door with louver installed
  • Rear swinging barn doors with hose hatches
  • RV style locks and latches
  • Spare tire mounted in cab over
  • LED lights and accents
  • Trailers from Haul-About carry a 3 year limited warranty

Optional Equipment:

  • Choose Graco or PMC Proportioner, Feed Pumps, Hose Length and Spray Gun
  • Dual proportioner layout available
  • Choose Your Generator, Air Compressor, and Air
  • Drying Equipment
  • Heated material hoppers
  • Agitators
  • Heat System – AirTronic, 110V, 220V, Band Heaters
  • Day Tank option available
  • RAS (Respiratory Alarm Shutdown) System
  • Air Conditioner (includes 110V heat)
  • Fresh air supply system
  • Martech/Bullard Grade D Breathable Air System (Runs off compressor in trailer)
  • Allegro portable ambient air pump (110 volt)
  • Protective clothing and spill containment kits
  • Gun cleaners and gun cleaning kits
MaxForce Gooseneck Interior Trailer
MaxForce Generator

Choose the Right Generator

The right generator depends on the power required by the equipment in the spray rig. There are two major electrical components in each rig: the Proportioner and the air compressor.

Proportioners have electric motors and very large electric heaters that can draw a lot of power. Electric air compressors also draw a lot of power, especially at start up. We set all of our compressors to run continuously so they do not turn on or off, which provides cleaner and more consistent power to the Proportioner. The generator should still be sized to handle the initial start-up of the compressor.

There are also other electrical demands inside the trailer that add up such as compressed air driers, heater, lights, grinders, and air conditioners. To properly size the generator add up the electrical requirements and provide a 25% cushion.

In most applications a 20 lb/min Proportioner requires a 20 kW generator and everything larger requires a 30 or 40 kW.

MaxForce Gooseneck Work Bench
MaxForce Generator for Gooseneck Trailer

MaxForce 28' Gooseneck 360 Panoramic View

MaxForce Gooseneck Generator Room

MaxForce Premium Trailers

Contact us to learn more about our trailer MaxForce lineup, purchasing options or becoming a distributor. Call us at 1-888-4MAXFORCE 8am-5pm CST or click the link below to email us!