Fireproofing equipment to spray or dispense all of your liquid materials

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MaxForce offers Fireproofing Equipment to ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer Free Technical Assistance to keep you up and running if you run into any problems.

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Fireproofing Equipment to Spray
Fireproofing Equipment to Spray
MaxForce 4030 OG Sprayer for Roof and Waterproofing Coatings Air Barrier
MaxForce Coatings Logo Waterproofing Roofing Air Barrier

The Original MaxForce

Realize the Flexibility of a Self-Contained Heated Sprayer

Designed for material requiring heat that are stored in Poly totes or heated tanks where you can gravity feed the material out of the container and into the pump.


Who’s it for: The residential waterproofing contractor
MaxForce AC Series Coatings Sprayer Waterproofing Roofing Equipment
MaxForce AC Series Coatings Logo Waterproofing Roofing Air Barrier

MaxForce AC

Air Compressor for Operating 55-Gallon Drum Feed Pump

Designed for nonheated material stored in drums where you need a extra pump to aid in proper loading of the material because it is to thick to properly load from just the standard pump.


Who’s it for: The commercial air/vapor barrier and commercial roofing markets
MaxForce ACH Coatings Sprayer for Air Barrier Roofing and Waterproofing Applications
MaxForce ACH Logo Roofing Waterproofing Air Barrier

MaxForce ACH

Heat the material utilizing the coolant from the engine. 

Similar to the AC sytem, but designed for material requiring heat that is stored in drums.


Who’s it for: The residential waterproofing and commercial air/vapor barrier contractor and roofing contractor where heating the product is required

MaxForce Benefits

  • No Installation required
  • Easily move around job sites
  • No truck idle while spraying
  • Transport to job site in truck or trailer
  • Different pressure and flow rates available
  • Enclosure paneling protects equipment
  • Easy operation with intuitive control panel
  • Calcium Chloride (CoSpray) kit optional


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